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Blame it on the moon

Lusinda Havershaw actually can blame it on the moon: when the lunar light falls upon her, she vanishes. Her clothing, lacking this rare sensitivity, doesn’t, and you can guess (some of) the rest.

Donna MacMeans came up with this character, who will be appearing, so to speak, in the novel The Trouble with Moonlight, due the third of June from Berkley. You can read an excerpt here.


Variations on a theme

Generally, invisibility stories fall into one of two categories: either the person is invisible to everyone, or invisible to everyone except one specific character. Ghost stories, in particular, tend to follow the latter pattern: only a single individual is capable of detecting the presence of the spirit, and everyone else presumes he’s off his meds or something.

It is possible, however, to construct a third variant, in which the person is invisible to only one other person; to anyone else, there’s nothing unusual going on. You don’t see this too often, as it’s a wholly-different dynamic. I wrote one myself a couple of years ago, based on a dream sequence.

Now there’s another one, and it’s nothing at all like mine except for that single premise. There may be others out there, but I haven’t found them yet.

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