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Misterdoe has consolidated his various Web activities under a single URL: It looks quite a bit better, and should be easier to navigate.


Behind the scenes

WordPress evidently discovered something sneaky that took advantage of a hole in the last release, so here’s a new release. As always, please advise if you see anything you shouldn’t, or don’t see something you should.

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Watch for visible anomalies

We’ve just upgraded to WordPress 3.0, and who knows what you might see?

Update, 29 July: Make that 3.0.1.

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Onward and upward

You’re looking at WordPress 2.8. If it looks funny, or if you can’t see it at all, then I’ve got problems.

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Continuing improvements

I normally avoid pre-release software, but WordPress 2.7’s Release Candidate 1 is out, and I figure it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot, especially since the full 2.7 package is due Real Soon Now and there aren’t likely to be massive changes. [crossing fingers]

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With thanks to the good Doctor

Dr. Dave wrote the legendary Spam Karma plugin for WordPress, and while it was here it caught scores of spams. He’s dropped development on SK, and with yet another new version of WordPress coming, maybe now’s the time to switch to something else. In the meantime, though, I thank Dave for all the work he put into this gizmo, and wish him well as he returns to Real Life.

(Also posted at, under the same management, where Spam Karma bounced over 13,000 spams.)

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2.6.1 is here

At least, I think it’s here.

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Moving on up

We’ve now upgraded to WordPress 2.5. If something appears that shouldn’t have, we apologize, and we’ll fix it once we decipher the two or three versions we skipped over.

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