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Disappearing soon from Bollywood

This, of course, got my attention at once:

It is said that love is blind. But then how about the case when love is there but can be seen only by you while making the rest blind towards it?

Confused? Well most of the friends and well wishers of Arjun Rampal are confused too since he has fallen in love with a girl whom only he can see, well strictly for the camera.

I See You is the film in question that has a unique storyline of a man falling in love with a woman who can be seen only by him. While Arjun plays the male lead, Vipasha is the newcomer heroine who plays a beautiful young’n’charming lady opposite him. A feel good popcorn entertainer that is going to get a smile on your lips and an occasional tear in the eye, I See You marks the directorial debut of Vivek Agrawal.

I See You opens Friday in India and presumably will be available here on DVD eventually. There’s a brief trailer at the official film site.


Dating the Invisible Woman

I, of course, have no idea what this is like. However, the guys (it’s gotta be guys) at IGN have a piece up about “How to Date Sue Storm” which might (yeah, right) prove useful someday.

There are two rather sizable impediments to dating Sue Storm, known in some circles as The Invisible Woman. First, she is often invisible. It’s not easy to find someone who is invisible, let alone kiss her. Luckily, she hangs out as Sue some of the time, but can switch invisible pretty much whenever she wants. If you have trust issues, stay away.

Secondly, you have to be comfortable being a home wrecker. Sue Storm is Reed’s girl all the way, and you’re going to have to woo her away from him, and be ready for all of the moral difficulties of that situation. Also, Reed can stretch his body in amazing ways. All you know how to do is belch the Macarena.

If you do succeed [in] dating The Invisible Woman, you’re going to have to deal with the daily pressures of being with a famous and successful superheroine. You’ll also have to cope with frequent trips to space, lots of down time and dealing with the fact that you have no powers at all.

Here are some pick-up lines you can possibly use to woo Sue:

  • “I can see right through to your heart.”
  • “You’re beautiful even when you’re invisible.”
  • “You’ve taken me by Storm.”

If you ask me, that last one is just asking for a force-field to the shorts.

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The next next unseen character

In January a character named Claude (of course) joins NBC’s Heroes. Series creator Tim Kring explains:

He’s been living with his invisibility for many years and has come to grips with it, so he’ll give us a different view into this hero world. He’s big, imposing and charismatic, and will become a mentor to Peter — albeit a tough, reluctant and stern one. He’ll help Peter learn to use and control his powers.

Claude is played by Christopher Eccleston, previously seen on the BBC’s Doctor Who. (Source here.)

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The next unseen character

Her name is Annys, she’s played by Katrina Halili, and she’s one of a band of teenagers with Amazing Powers (but of course) in Super Noypi, which I think is the first big-budget special-effects fest from the Philippines.

I rather doubt it will play here in the States, but I’ll keep an eye peeled for a regionless DVD next year. In the interim, here’s the trailer.

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