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Group dynamics

It’s been many years since the fabled Levi’s “invisible couple”, and let’s face it, invisible people aren’t shown (sorry) very much in music videos. (The definitive example, I’m inclined to think, was in “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)” from beautifulgarbage, in which the entire band is green-screened out.)

But inevitably someone would take another shot at it, and this time it’s the French sort-of-electro band Neimo, who have rendered a hot-and-bothered couple in blank space in the video for their song “Hot Girl”. (Windows Media 10 or QuickTime 7 apparently required.) The motion on this is kinda jerky in spots, but this, I think, is appropriate, given the jaggedness of the song.

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A new theme for spring

This is a somewhat-modified fSpring by Fredrik Fahlstad, tweaked for some slightly-darker hues and easier accommodation of the blogroll, largely at the instigation of Winston Rand, who was also struggling with blogroll issues, since solved. I hope you like it, because I don’t want to go through another round of this for a while.


Pros and cons

Jo works up her own list. On driving:

PRO: Fun to freak people out while going 60mph on 45mph road.
CON: Cop impounding “driver-less” car while you are attempting to order “driver-less” fries from Sonic.

And on the ever-popular sneaking-into-the-locker-room bit:

PRO: You get to see what people really look like naked.
CON: You get to see what people really look like naked.

Not exactly an unalloyed joy, I suppose.

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Call it [     ]Space

It appears, so to speak, that there is a small group of invisible women on MySpace — or so their photos would seem to indicate. And, well, given the prodigious number of predatory folks out there, perhaps it’s better to give them nothing to look at.

Then again, Kitty Carroll herself was once told, “Any girl who’d become invisible can’t be very easy on the eyes.” She was able to demonstrate otherwise. And so, I suspect, can this woman.

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