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You can hear her, anyway

Tall Tales Audio is releasing a new audiobook (on CD) by Ilona Bray called Nikki the Invisible Girl, about a gawky 11-year-old who really wants to disappear, and gets to.

Nikki’s initial excitement at disappearing into thin air — with its attendant abilities to spy on the cutest boy in class and get even with the mean kids — turns to an understanding that life’s sticky situations can be hard to get out of, whether you’re invisible or not!

This set of three stories is aimed at 4- to 8-year-olds, and it’s due out the end of this week. MP3 downloads are hinted at.

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A slight upgrade

We are now running WordPress 2.2.1.  Please advise if anything is hard to see.

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A descendant of Jack Griffin

Variety reports on the next Invisible Man project, and it’s something you have (or haven’t) seen before:

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have set David Goyer to write and direct “The Invisible Man,” a new take on the H.G. Wells classic. Brian Grazer will produce.

Conceived as a sequel to Wells’ original tale, the story centers on a British nephew of the original Invisible Man. Once he discovers his uncle’s formula for achieving invisibility, he is recruited by British intelligence agency MI5 during WWII.

“I’ve always been a fan of the original H.G. Wells book as well as the Universal film and felt the property was ripe for reimagining,” Goyer said.

I doubt that James Whale’s 1933 classic is at all threatened, but I’m happy to see that someone’s doing something with the concept.

(Via Defamer.)

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Sometimes it’s better to fade

Jessica Alba, the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four franchise, apparently envies her character in one respect: her photo on the cover of Parade this week is captioned “I Wish I Were Invisible.” Or at least less noticeable, anyway:

I prefer to be a little more anonymous, under the radar. I like to be able to slide in and out of situations unnoticed.

Whether she’d use a force field or not remains to be seen, I suppose.

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