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She’s audible, too

Alexa Hamilton, the Invisible Woman of a 1983 NBC television pilot, has reinvented herself as a singer-songwriter, and a pretty good one at that (with or without a hyphen between “pretty” and “good”).

If you’re curious, this is how she looked in mid-vanish; perhaps she’d just as soon not remember this particular project.

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Wouldn’t it be nice?

Can you really knit an invisibility shawl of the sort used at Hogwarts?

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Mr Growley

We note with sorrow the passing of actor Charles Lane, the last surviving cast member of Universal’s 1940 The Invisible Woman. Lane was 102 and not ill: he just closed his eyes and departed.

You can see Lane as Mr Growley being tormented by Virginia Bruce as Kitty Carroll (yes!) on this very page.

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