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Is this a blockbuster in the making?

Once in a while I toss up search queries by the dozen and see where they land. Most of the time, nothing special. This time: a J. J. Abrams project called The Invisible Woman, written and directed by Matt Reeves.

This is the same twosome who is bringing us a scarefest which may or may not be titled Cloverfield, due out in mid-January. I’m just cynical enough to think that the Invisible Woman stuff is a red herring, designed to keep your attention away from Cloverfield; still, if you really wanted a film about an invisible woman, these are the guys you’d hire, right?

We shall see.

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Wouldn’t we all?

Hayden Panettiere’s character in Heroes is more or less immortal: she can regenerate injured body parts as needed. This is a useful trait, to be sure, but in real life, she’d like to be able to disappear:

“[I would like] the ability to be invisible. Obviously we can blame most of it on the people who are doing the bad things that they’re not supposed to be doing. But with cameras in your face all the time, it leaves you no room to mess up even slightly. If I could lock up my door, and drive my car out of my [driveway] and not be followed by paparazzi, I would be a very happy person.”

On the other hand, you have to figure that someone is bound to notice a car that doesn’t appear to have a driver.

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