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The Abrams effect

From Ain’t It Cool News regarding Wolf Man:

Second contender is Matt Reeves, director of CLOVERFIELD, but my source doesn’t know if Reeves will be free because he’s supposedly working on not only CLOVERFIELD 2, but is working on INVISIBLE WOMAN with JJ Abrams again producing. That was news to me, but it’s what I hear.

Of course, we told you that almost six months ago. Then again, it might not be such a big deal after all, if you take this description from Cinematical seriously:

Reeves has also signed to direct The Invisible Woman, “a Hitchcock-style thriller” he wrote that “probes the mind of a former beauty queen who turns to a life of crime to protect her family.”

Assuming, of course, this isn’t just more of Abrams’ world-class misdirection.

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Dreaming of genie

This story by Jo James at DivineCaroline looks at ten things you could do while shrouded from everyone’s view, and gives positive and negative aspects of each. This one scored the biggest yocks around here:

6. Sneaking into dressing rooms, bathrooms and locker rooms

PRO: You get to see what people really look like naked

CON: You get to see what people really look like naked

Says it all, really.

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Take a look

Former American Idol contestant Celena Rae has recorded an album called Invisible Woman for Dallas-based YMC Records, and it’s a better-than-decent example of contemporary country. The title song is a fairly standard not-being-noticed lament, but it’s pleasingly punchy, and the hook kicks in at the very end of the chorus: “Tell me, darling, when did I disappear?” Her Web site tells you more about her.

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