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Invisible and intangible

Technogal wants to know:

Suppose that you were given the disappearing formula that works only for three hours of being totally invisible to others, while no one can see/feel your existence! and the chance of having this powerful formula are given for only once. Now that you have the only one chance to disappear physically, what would you do during your disappearance? Remember you have 3 hours only!

This goes beyond ordinary (!) invisibility, where even if you can’t be seen, you can still be felt.

Three hours? I’d probably spend entirely too much of it staring in disbelief at my lack of reflection.

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More romance, more often

If you had told me this time last year that there would be two romance novels with invisible heroines crossing my path in the next twelve months, I’d have laughed at you — and then started hanging around the bookstore.

The second one (this was the first) is Elizabeth Boyle’s Tempted by the Night, a disarmingly clever, and startlingly sexy, Regency tale of a woman who has no idea that the ring she wears will grant her a wish, especially not this wish:

“I wish . . .” Hermione said aloud, as if testing the words. “I wish I were a phantom from sunset to sunrise just like Lady Zoe so I could discover all of Lord Rockhurst’s secrets.”

Then she finished her wish with three silent words.

And he, mine.

As the sun recedes, the lady vanishes, and sets out on what she thinks is a fairly modest — in terms of scope, anyway — quest.

(Reviews and an excerpt here.)

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With thanks to the good Doctor

Dr. Dave wrote the legendary Spam Karma plugin for WordPress, and while it was here it caught scores of spams. He’s dropped development on SK, and with yet another new version of WordPress coming, maybe now’s the time to switch to something else. In the meantime, though, I thank Dave for all the work he put into this gizmo, and wish him well as he returns to Real Life.

(Also posted at, under the same management, where Spam Karma bounced over 13,000 spams.)

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You can still blame it on the moon

Back in May I mentioned The Trouble with Moonlight, and I’ve since found author Donna MacMeans taking on the subject of invisibility, both in and out of her novel.

Early on, she notes that “it really hasn’t been done in romance that I recall. It’s been used in other fiction, though.” This, of course, we know. And she poses a question:

[W]hich would you prefer — something that rendered you invisible for the moment a la Hades — or something that was more permanent — like [Wells’] invisible man?

And answering a later question, on what she’d do if she were invisible for three hours or so:

I’d probably follow my kids around to see if they’re … going to church at midnight and maybe use my invisibility to “influence” them to make proper choices.

OR I’d throw on some clothes = a skirt and a skimpy top and hang out at the mall to freak people out.

That latter I’d definitely want to see.

Oh, and I did enjoy the book; perhaps now I have a little more insight into why.

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Who’s that on the catwalk?

What’s the obvious career choice for someone who’s invisible? Espionage? Maybe. But I think there’s a case to be made for fashion modeling, assuming a suitable body type: the whole idea is to show off the clothing without being conspicuous oneself. Target acknowledged this with their “Model-Less Fashion Show” last year.

The idea has now spread to America’s Next Top Model; in a recent Fashion Challenge, the wannabes were put into green-screen garb and got to be the unseen presences. “We’re not gonna be a pretty face,” noted one of them: “we just gotta make the clothes look good.” (There was a video on YouTube embedded here, but it’s been pulled.)

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