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Taking the pledge

In Cláudio Torres’ A Mulher Invisível, a chap who has lost his wife to an affair swears off women entirely and withdraws from the world he knows, until the girl of his dreams knocks on his door one night to borrow a cup of sugar, and suddenly everything is right with the world again.

Or so it seems. The chap’s best friend can’t seem to find any indication that the young lady in question exists at all, which complicates matters for his eavesdropping neighbor, who actually might be interested.

This isn’t a special-effects fest, but it’s good fun, and it’s Brazilian, which means lots of eye candy.

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It’s coming, not that you’ll see it

Science News (21 November 2009) has a roundup of much of the work being done in the field of cloaking devices and such, and one of the more interesting projects goes something like this:

This year in [Physical Review Letters], a team led by Che Ting Chan, a Berkeley-trained physicist at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, describes an approach called “remote cloaking.” It not only (in theory) renders an object invisible, but also does so with a device sitting next to rather than surrounding the thing to be hidden. Invisibility, says one of the team’s papers, is merely the process of altering the light so an object “looks like air.” Even better, the group claims, it may be possible to make one thing look like another — for example “change an apple optically to [a] banana.” The researchers call this offshoot “illusion optics.”

Not even Star Trek’s Romulans got that far.

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