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Mildly super

Dr Hermes feels that the 1940 version of The Invisible Woman falls short of its potential, but he does seem amused by Kitty’s I’ll-save-the-day attitude towards the end:

The best part of the movie is Kitty as a super-heroine. Twenty years before Sue Storm went up into that cosmic ray bath, Kitty Carroll is being held at gunpoint by crooks who have kidnapped her and Professor Gibbs. Swigging down a convenient flask of pure grain alcohol, she quickly throws her clothes in all directions. To give her credit, Kitty does manages to clobber all the goons successfully without getting caught. As her new boyfriend approaches, she decides to let him “save” her. So Kitty sprays the ground in front of his car with machine-gun bullets (!?). Say, maybe the invisibility is starting to make her homicidal, at that. She then cries pitifully for help and allows him to make a daring leap into an amazingly shallow fish pond. (This is quite a stunt, by the way, looking as if it belongs in a Republic serial.)

This was, I suspect, as far as they dared go with letting a mere female take the initiative: the otherwise-clueless boyfriend could not be shown up because — well, this sort of thing is just not done.

Still, you have to wonder what this film might have been like had it been made outside the strictures of the Production Code, which became de facto law for Hollywood productions in 1934.

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