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How not to be seen

The singer/songwriter known as Sia, on the promotion of her new album 1000 Forms of Fear:

I already have a much larger concept for this album and for how I’m going to present it and that was: I don’t want to be famous. If Amy Winehouse was a beehive then I guess I’m a blonde bob. I thought “well if that’s my brand, how can I avoid having to use my face to sell something,” so my intention was to create a blonde bob brand. Throughout this whole thing I’ll put a different person in a blonde bob and either they lip-synch while I’m doing a live performance or they perform a dance or do some sort of performance while I have my back to the audience, as with Ellen.

And in the official video for the first single, “Chandelier,” there’s a tween dancer with endless reserves of energy — in a blonde bob. But there’s also a lyric video:

In case you didn’t think she was serious about it.

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