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Greatest hits, sort of

This is kind of neat. Brian Cronin at CBR has assembled, with appropriate artwork, the Top Five Greatest Invisible Woman Moments, from many years of Fantastic Four. His criteria, I think, are admirable:

In determining these rankings, I am leaning heavily on “historic” over just plain “cool.” In recent years, writers have been giving Invisible Woman more and more impressive displays of her powers. Heck, during Infinity War, Sue contained a nuclear explosion! During James Robinson’s recent run, she fought the Avengers to a standstill and almost killed Doctor Doom. So for the past twenty years or so, she has routinely done notable feats of strength. While they’re all cool, they sort of take away from the significance of each one. So I’m giving more weight to moments Sue did during periods where she was NOT as well established as a bad ass.

Sensible, given the oft-proclaimed belief that Sue Storm, early on, was primarily eye candy.

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