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Look for me

That’s the title of a short film (three and a half minutes) by Laura Heit which appeared, as it were, on Britain’s Channel 4 last fall. Frank Moldstad interviewed Heit for Animation Artist, and she had this to say:

I knew I needed a short and simple story, so I started with this idea. I wanted to show the arc of a day in the life of someone who wakes up and is something unexplainable, and then how that changes throughout the day. You begin all excited — there are so many new possibilities, then you become self-conscious, [develop] shame and a desire to do good, and then loneliness ultimately. I chose invisibility because it seemed interesting beyond physical change, it affects so much more. Also, it’s not really a super power as she [the main character] points out; the only real difference is in the fact that you can spy a lot better when you’re invisible.

You can see about a third of Look for Me at the Web site of Slinky Pictures Ltd; it’s all Flash, so click on Our Work and then Shorts.

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