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Sorta clear on the concept

At some point when I wasn’t looking — turns out to be the early 1990s — Marvel Comics issued a handful of Swimsuit Issues. (As Brett White of Topless Robot points out, “The only difference between superhero spandex and a swimsuit is that the colorist gets to use a lot more flesh tone.”

Which still doesn’t explain putting an invisible swimsuit on the Invisible Woman:

Sue Richards in a swimsuit

Frighteningly, there’s precedent for this.

(Via Fark.)


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  2. solar penguin 19 May 2011

    Why is there a giant purple blobby thing trying to grab her in the background? Is that what Marvel think aphanophiles are like?

  3. CGH 28 May 2011

    Comic artists have always been overly fond of giant blobby things, irrespective of coloration.