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Temporarily out of sight

Even if this is just a Gedankenexperiment, it’s going to be fun to watch as it unfolds. Here’s the premise:

This introduction may seem a little unconventional for a weblog, but it’s not really ME that this weblog will be about. It’s about what happens if someone, in general, were to be invisible.

For a full year.

I plan on putting my entire life on hold for 12 months and become invisible, and going to tell everyone about what happens.

As far as I know, no-one has done this before, so I can only guess what fun it might end up being.

I will document what happens to me, how I cope with things, and any surprises that occur during this time, plus any of the downsides of being invisible. I’ll be as honest, open and transparent as possible. (Yes, pun intended!)

I’ll put him on the blogroll and check in on a regular basis, just to see, as it were, how things are going. (And no, nowhere does he say he’s a he, but Technorati lists the author as “InvisiMan,” which is probably a clue.)


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  1. […] The chap from Invisible for a Year (previously mentioned here) proposes a solution: The light-reflective coating, that I will be using externally, deflects light around an object from the LIGHT side, much like a one-way mirror. If I make my eyelids see-through from the BACK, then I will be able to see directly through them and out of the back of the one-way mirror. My sight would be clear, but the external appearance of my eyes would be masked. […]

  2. […] Back in November we reported on the case of a fellow who was actually planning to disappear for twelve months, and acquired a suitable domain name in anticipation thereof. […]