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The blindness issue

H. G. Wells himself knew about it, which is why when Griffin vanished, there remained behind an “attenuated pigment … behind the retina of my eyes, fainter than mist.”

The chap from Invisible for a Year (previously mentioned here) proposes a solution:

The light-reflective coating, that I will be using externally, deflects light around an object from the LIGHT side, much like a one-way mirror. If I make my eyelids see-through from the BACK, then I will be able to see directly through them and out of the back of the one-way mirror. My sight would be clear, but the external appearance of my eyes would be masked.

There remains the question of whether this would do permanent damage, inasmuch as it’s going to remain in place for a year, but points scored for ingenuity.

Update: He’s now going to use scleral shells over the eyes, rather than modify the eyelids themselves, as a safety precaution.

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  1. InvisiMan 28 November 2006

    “…but points scored for ingenuity.”

    Thanks! The issue of permanent damage is a concern, especially as I’m talking about something as essential as my eyes. I will try this method for as long as I feel safe, but should there be any concerns I shall revert to the far less dangerous option of invisible-coated full-eye contact lenses, as used in special effects, with pin-hole holes to see through.

    Up close, you can see much more than you expect from pin holes.

    Externally there will probably be small black dots visible from my pupils, but if it is less dangerous for my eyesight, I’ll opt for that.

    Thanks for the link too!