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Disappearing soon from Bollywood

This, of course, got my attention at once:

It is said that love is blind. But then how about the case when love is there but can be seen only by you while making the rest blind towards it?

Confused? Well most of the friends and well wishers of Arjun Rampal are confused too since he has fallen in love with a girl whom only he can see, well strictly for the camera.

I See You is the film in question that has a unique storyline of a man falling in love with a woman who can be seen only by him. While Arjun plays the male lead, Vipasha is the newcomer heroine who plays a beautiful young’n’charming lady opposite him. A feel good popcorn entertainer that is going to get a smile on your lips and an occasional tear in the eye, I See You marks the directorial debut of Vivek Agrawal.

I See You opens Friday in India and presumably will be available here on DVD eventually. There’s a brief trailer at the official film site.


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