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The chap at Invisible for a Year thinks he may be undone by man’s best friend:

My thinking is that they would be able to smell me, and be able to locate me quite easily, which is a worry. It means that going outside during the day, which is something that I am planning on doing during summer, may face a few complications in that various creatures would be aware that I was there and may feel the need to let other people know by barking loudly at me.

There aren’t many such encounters in the literature, but I fear he may be correct: even one’s own dog might find the idea offputting. From The Invisible Kid and Dr. Poof’s Magic Soap, by Terry and Wayne Baltz, this tale of canine discomfiture:

“Bumps, it’s me,” I whispered. “Come here. C’mon, boy. It’s just me.” His ears stood up straight and so did the hair on his neck. He came to me, but he resisted each step, sniffing the air for danger. I put my hand under his nose. He licked it and finally let me stroke him. His hair and ears relaxed and he sort of leaned into my hand. But he still whined like he didn’t like it one bit.

And that was her dog; one who doesn’t know you might not be so easily mollified. Still, what’s the alternative? Hiding behind closed doors? I hope not.

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