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Going unnoticed

You may remember Marcie Ross (played by Clea DuVall) from the Buffyverse: she was an otherwise-normal student who was overlooked so often that eventually she literally vanished, at which point she decided to avenge herself on everyone.

Now there’s a Japanese spin on this sort of story:

A very different tone from samurai drama and violent horror is struck by Kazuhiro Okamoto’s TRANSLUCENT, the story of an introverted junior-high school girl named Shizuka, who one day begins to turn literally invisible as well. The mysterious disease, whose cause, cure, and path of contagion are all unknown as the story begins, becomes a metaphor in the ordinary lives of the students in her class as they try to work their way through their relationships and friendships. Although not considered a shojo manga in Japan, Dark Horse believes TRANSLUCENT is a title, like OH MY GODDESS!, that will also interest shojo readers in America. Writer and artist Okamoto knows how important surfaces are to people — especially at this time in people’s lives — and TRANSLUCENT’s shifting variables between what people can see, what people think they see, and what people wish to see in themselves and others makes for a manga of emotional sensitivity.

According to MangaBlog, Translucent is due out this summer.

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