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Practical applications of invisibility

Yes, there are some, and not just in warfare. Dafydd ab Hugh surveys the scene, and I have to admit, I like this idea:

How about movable, removable windows? If you could create an invisible section of any size or shape in a wall, simply by activating the nanobristles in that area, then you could turn windows on when you want them, move them around for aesthetic or other reasons, then turn them off when you retire for the night.

Windows would no longer be “weak points” for a burglar to enter; they would be walls, just like all the other walls. And depending on how well you can fine-tune the field, you might be able to select any of a number of preset “opacity designs,” similar to hand-carved window lattices… or even design your own.

The decorators are going to eat this up. Count on it.

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