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Another invisible kid

This one, though, might be having some fun:

Maya (Kavya Madhavan) is an investigative journalist working for New India television. She is also a social crusader and a runs an orphanage for destitute children at her home. Her boss Radha Ramanan (Mukesh) has an eye on her, but she is fiercely independent. Her neighbour is a renowned international scientist Sekharan (Jackie Shroff). One of the mischievous boys in her orphanage Devan (Master Devan) drinks a green potion made by Sekharan, and he becomes invisible!

Athisayan is just out in India, and unfortunately I don’t speak a word of Malayalam, but I suspect this is enough of a kidflick for me to be able to follow it just from the visuals; hey, it almost works for Bollywood musicals.

(Via varnachitram.)

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