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You may already have seen “I See You”

Besides here, I mean. The Bollywood feature has found its way to, where its first reviewer made note of its marked similarity to the 2005 US film Just Like Heaven, which is based on Marc Levy’s novel If Only It Were True, a copy of which is on my bookshelf.

The second reviewer was Marc Levy himself, who was not pleased:

Vivek Agrawal has completely stole the story from [my book]. It’s really amazing that not only he stole the story, dialogues of the book (even the name of the dog in the movie is the same than in the book) and still put his name in the credit as a writer!

A check of the Internet Movie Database suggests that this isn’t the first time Levy’s been ripped off by Bollywood, either: Fazil’s Vismayathumbathu (2004) seems to be basically the same story. (Interestingly, the IMDb picks up on the connection to Levy’s novel with Vismayathumbathu, but not with I See You.)

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