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You can still blame it on the moon

Back in May I mentioned The Trouble with Moonlight, and I’ve since found author Donna MacMeans taking on the subject of invisibility, both in and out of her novel.

Early on, she notes that “it really hasn’t been done in romance that I recall. It’s been used in other fiction, though.” This, of course, we know. And she poses a question:

[W]hich would you prefer — something that rendered you invisible for the moment a la Hades — or something that was more permanent — like [Wells’] invisible man?

And answering a later question, on what she’d do if she were invisible for three hours or so:

I’d probably follow my kids around to see if they’re … going to church at midnight and maybe use my invisibility to “influence” them to make proper choices.

OR I’d throw on some clothes = a skirt and a skimpy top and hang out at the mall to freak people out.

That latter I’d definitely want to see.

Oh, and I did enjoy the book; perhaps now I have a little more insight into why.

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