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I did not know that

(You have to say that in the Johnny Carson manner: genuinely surprised, but just a tad arch.)

For Valentine’s Day (argh!), Darcy McLaughlin recalls the stories of five superhero couples, and drops a factoid of which I was unaware:

Part of the reason for the success of [Fantastic Four] was the romance between the genius Reed Richards and Invisible Girl (eventually Invisible Woman) Sue Storm.

The couple actually met when she was 13 and he was 19 and began dating only years later when she was old enough to ensure Reed wouldn’t end up in jail.

Which, according to the keepers of the timeline, is true: Reed, then a student at Columbia, was boarding at a house owned by Sue Storm’s aunt, and following the imprisonment of Dr. Franklin Storm, who after his wife’s death spiraled downward rapidly, Sue and Johnny wound up living with that very aunt.

As with any long-running series, there are inconsistencies: apparently as originally scripted, Reed was already twenty-three when they met, and you’d think that Sue, crushing from that tender age, might not later find the Sub-Mariner quite so appealing. Then again, Reed was such a geek in those days.

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