Before there was, before there was the Femmes Invisible Database, before any of various Yahoo! Groups devoted to the subject appeared, there was Dennard Summers, born in 1967, and obsessed with the idea of a woman he could not see. Misterdoe tells the tale:

Dennard used video effects to make the hostesses and models on his show invisible, while their clothing remained visible. I had always especially enjoyed movies which depicted invisible characters, especially when the character was female. Occasionally I would fantasize about meeting (and getting involved with) an invisible woman. Seeing Dennard's site told me that I wasn't the only one that had such thoughts, and that got me started writing stories and editing photos, and also got me started looking around online for other expressions of creativity.

I wrote on another site:

Dennard Summers died on the 8th of May [2005], still in his thirties. In his real life, he was a music and media writer — for a while, he ran something called Pittsburgh Media Insider — and most recently, he had established himself as the producer of Steel City Video Mix, a public-access cable series. Our paths crossed first in 1999, when our common interests intersected: I was collecting examples of female invisibility in the media, and he was doing bluescreen work and archiving precisely the sort of still photos I was looking for. A mailing list grew out of this; there are now well over 100 subscribers.

Dennard's main site, on Tripod, still exists, albeit ridden with dead links, as so-called ghost sites tend to be. However, much of his material was originally posted to GeoCities, which Yahoo! shut down in the fall of 2009. I have taken the liberty of porting much of it here. For the most part, they're as Dennard posted them: no effort has been made to make them look like less than the period pieces they are.